Living a full life in Lockdown

Friday, 1st May 2020

As the unprecedented situation around Coronavirus continues our Trust family has adapted swiftly to changing demands and prioritises well being in these uncertain times.

Over the last few weeks our world has changed in ways that no one could have imagined. Our schools have transformed into online learning venues in a matter of hours and our school communities have spent the last few weeks learning about the new normal and how to achieve the best for their pupils, families, staff and communities.

As a Trust we are committed to ensuring the emotional well being of all within our communities. This means that this term our priority is pastoral support and care. 

The board of Directors as well as our Senior Leaders, Local Governing Bodies and staff groups are now all getting to grips with the new technology and etiquette required for our online existence. The Directors are meeting virtually on a monthly basis to ensure that they are doing all they can to support our schools - this includes offering a dedicated pastoral support Director. 

Our LGBs are continuing to work, meeting virtually to ensure that our schools continue to be strategically supported through this crisis. Budget processes continue with our Central Trust team providing all of the essential information which helps our LGB Members make the best decisions for our pupils. 

Senior Leaders enjoy a fortnightly zoom conference to catch up, share experiences and good practice. These have proved especially useful around well being, our leaders know that they have a group who will support them with advice, care and a listening ear no matter what the problem! 

Our Trust really is a family of schools. We are all working hard to keep our family safe and well. 

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Living a full life in Lockdown