A new beginning!

Friday, 11th September 2020

It is with great delight that today we have launched our new branding to the world! With the help of the amazing team at Eclectic Creative we have worked with our schools to design a new logo which we believe better reflects our values.

Our new branding and logo have officially launched today!

The very observant amongst you may have noticed the changes to the colours on our website over the summer, and a change to our social media logo in September…well today you see the final update and our new branding!

The work to refresh our branding was driven by our schools and began many months ago. The new design combines elements from drawings created by children from across the Trust. It was also influenced by ideas and input from all members of our school communities from LGB Chairs to staff and volunteers.

The aim was to convey a sense of place, community and togetherness that will be both distinctive and timeless. A very tall order! But we think that the clever people at Eclectic Creative have done an exceptional job and we love our new branding scheme – we hope you do too.

We are the Good Shepherd Trust, helping children across Cumbria and beyond to live ‘Life in All its Fullness’!

A new beginning!