Our Vision

Our aim is to give everyone the opportunity to live life in all its fullness

The core values that guide us as a Trust are:

  • Trust, honesty, empathy and social responsibility

Our vision is that school should be a place where:

  • Pupils feel safe and enjoy a rich and diverse curriculum
  • Personal and social development, health and well-being are as important as progress and attainment
  • Decisions are based on shared values and high quality outcomes
  • Technology and systems are used to help minimise administrative workload
  • Collaboration, rather than competition is the norm
  • School Leaders have access to the support they need, when they need it
  • Schools are able to anticipate and plan for the future

We believe passionately that:

  • Everyone has something to offer
  • We achieve our best when we support each other
  • We must work with transparency and openness
  • We should be there for the whole person - including morally, socially and spiritually

This means we aim to:

  • Support everyone in the Trust to achieve their best
  • Value the uniqueness of each school in the Trust
  • Encourage schools in the Trust to work together
  • Be open to all types of school joining The Trust - both church schools and community schools
  • Support and judge Trust schools based on their context and not just on inspection outcomes
  • Be an effective sponsor of Trust schools that need support

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