About Us

A family of unique schools with shared values

We are a family of schools centred in Cumbria who share a common set of values and a desire to work together to provide high quality education for children in our communities. Our Trust is sponsored by the Diocese of Carlisle which provides us with support and ensures our governance and approach makes us a suitable home for our schools. At the moment we are a mixture of church and non-church primary schools and are open to secondary schools and special schools too. Our schools enjoy the maximum autonomy appropriate to their circumstances and we make sure they get support when they need it.

We want the children and staff in our schools to enjoy life in all its fullness, both while they are part of our family and in their life beyond. 

We believe passionately that children are most likely to learn the most when they are happy, safe and engaged in their learning - so each of our schools offers a broad, rich and exciting curriculum which places personal development on a par with academic achievement.

We aim to ensure that our staff are as excited, enthused and empowered to teach as the children are to learn - so we work tirelessly with our schools to ensure staff feel valued and supported, and have the skills they need to excel in their teaching.

We have an experienced group of directors who give freely of their time and expertise, setting the strategic direction for our Trust, supporting the operation of the Trust and ensuring compliance with legal and government requirements.