Each of our schools has its own Local Governing Body (LGB) which helps our Board of Directors to oversee the strategic management of our schools. In order to support our LGB members (local governors) to fulfil their important role, we have begun designing a series of bespoke training courses at their request.

Working with our School Improvement Partners, LGB Chairs and Senior Leaders our current offer comprises the following courses:

Bringing Challenge Through Data

  • Using examples of your school's data this course seeks to demystify data, helping local governors to understand and constructively question children's progress
  • From Early Years to KS2 our local governors leave this course more confident in understanding the data they are presented with, which enables them to engage fully with the school's leaders to identify and address areas of development.
  • This in turn leads to more targeted and effective school improvement and ultimately a better learning experience for all.

Preparing for an Ofsted Inspection

  • Our schools are offered this training in line with their Ofsted timeline. We aim to deliver this at least one term before an inspection is due.
  • The content of the training is updated regularly to reflect the latest Ofsted framework and areas of focus. 
  • The course is only one aspect of how we support our schools in the lead up to an inspection. We also offer our schools a 'health check' from an outside consultant and increased support from our team of School Improvement Partners.

Monitoring Teaching and Learning

  • With an increased focus on the curriculum in the latest Ofsted framework, this course covers what monitoring the LGB should be undertaking, why it is important and how it should be conducted.

We will continue to develop and add more training courses to support our Local Governing Bodies as new requirements are identified.