Your Benefits

Being part of The Trust brings real benefits

Our schools have highlighted real benefits of being part of the Good Shepherd family

These benefits show how our vision, ethos and approach translate into action and results:

  • Financial Resilience - School leaders feel in better control of school finances thanks to consistent support from our administration team and through access to real-time financial information.
  • Reduced administrative workload - Leaders have more time to focus on teaching and learning because of the support from our development and school improvement teams. For example, our central team manages the development of statutory and other key policies as part of our effort to eliminate and streamline administration tasks for school leaders. Our central team also helps to manage statutory tasks with notifications of deadlines, provision of pro-forma documentation and regular updates and reviews.
  • Greater Certainty - The knowledge that our whole Trust is available to provide support when needed, reduces anxiety for school leaders and staff. They can access the support they need from our central administrative, development and school improvement teams or from other Trust schools at any time. Solutions to issues are then shared across all our schools.
  • Reduced Isolation - Comes from feeling that the The Trust’s central team and directors share your school’s vision and values and ‘have your back’. Collaboration and partnership across schools with shared values also helps reduce the feeling of isolation.
  • Enhanced Skills - Having access to the right training and development opportunities, at the right time, through tailored and targeted CPD, sharing of expertise between schools and provision of career progression opportunities throughout the Trust, gives all of our staff members the skills they need and the best opportunities to fulfil their potential.
  • Access to Capital - Our administration team has many years experience of bidding for funds and puts that to good use by supporting successful applications to the Education and Skills Funding Agency for capital projects.
  • Readiness for Ofsted - Reducing the stress in the run up to an inspection through consistent and tailored school improvement support which includes a programme of targeted training and assistance to help schools prepare for Ofsted