What does 'Life in All its Fullness' mean from a wellbeing perspective?

Thursday, 23rd September 2021

Pam Weeden is back sharing more insight into how we can consider our wellbeing in terms of 'Life in All its Fullness'. What is fullness and how do we measure, define and achieve this in our lives?

Try this exercise. Look at each segment of the circle and on a scale of 0 to 10, with 10 being you are completely satisfied, what number would you award each aspect of your life? Answer straight from the heart; don’t over think it.

Once you have completed each section of the circle, what are you beginning to see as patterns in your answer? 

  • What would 10/10 look like? 
  • What would need to change to enable you to move one step up the scale towards the 10 out of 10? 
  • How will you know you have reached a 10/10 level of satisfaction in those aspects or segments that are most important to you?
  • Which section is the place you need to begin and what is underpinning your choice?

Jesus came to give life in all its fullness; when we look at what that means, it speaks of an abundant life. If we take that further, we can reflect on what it means to be abundant physically, but also emotionally, spiritually and mentally. Would we know what it means to be truly fulfilled in all those areas of our lives? Is our balance correct or is it steered too much towards the physical, for example?  

Now, as we are completing the first few weeks back at school and routines are now familiar, take some time look at the fullness of the whole of your life.  Consider where the balance may need to be corrected and likewise, what ‘fullness’ in each of the four key areas means for you. Consider what change is needed to bring you into alignment with your vision of fulfilment and then be relentless in the pursuit of your joy.

Pam Weeden is a qualified professional Executive Coach and Mentor who is passionate about leadership development and believe in facilitating the growth of the person and the professional. Throughout the pandemic Pam has offered pastoral support to the Trust's senior leadership team. 

You can follow Pam on Twitter: @PamWeeden
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What does 'Life in All its Fullness' mean from a wellbeing perspective?