As our Schools Re-Open

Thursday, 3rd September 2020

As our Schools re-open to all students after this unprecedented period find out about what we've put in place across the Trust to keep all of our pupils, staff, volunteers and wider communities safe.

Today marks the first day since March that all of our schools have been fully re-opened! 

In March our schools and Central Office closed their doors and moved to a new way of working; providing education online and through correspondence with administration and support staff working from home.

Today - we are back!

Back at school across our Trust, from Ambleside to Whitfield and back in the office in Penrith! 

To ensure a safe return we have Risk Assessments in place at each school and at our office. You can see the Risk Assessment for the Central Trust office here on our site (look under News and Coronavirus updates) and for each of our schools on their websites. 

Now that we are back together we can't wait to bring you more news from across the Trust.

As our Schools Re-Open