Inspiration, Positivity and Brilliance at Dean CE School

Monday, 17th May 2021

Rachel Cowper tells us all about how pupils, staff and families at Dean CE School are learning to be more brilliant!

Across West Cumbria corporate sponsors were looking to share their experience and money to kick-start an ambitious project to spread happiness throughout our community. At Dean CE School, the magic started with support from our sponsor, Rosie Matin from ADAPT, who wanted to give us the opportunity to be a part of this incredible initiative.

Brilliant Cumbria’ seeks to instil positivity, resilience, self-esteem and wellbeing into schools and the wider community. Staff, children and parents from 6 schools in Cumbria have attended webinars to help them learn about positive psychology. We were slightly delayed by the events of last year, but our children are now in the process of developing ways to spread happiness throughout school and into our community.  

‘Brilliant Cumbria’ is the brainchild of Andy Cope who shares his PhD research in positive psychology through his company ‘Art of Brilliance’. Andy and his team specialise in training and development to help us become more positive, motivated and brilliant!

Some people have the ability to flourish and radiate happiness, even in difficult circumstances. They are the people you just love being around - the positive problem solvers who shine. Andy calls them the ‘2 percenters’ because they generally account for two percent of the population. If you don’t think you are a 2 percenter, don’t worry. The best bit is that we can all adopt the 2 percenter mind-set and become our best selves.

At Dean, we are all thrilled to be part of the ‘Brilliant Cumbria’ happiness project. After all, when an exciting opportunity comes your way, you just have to get involved. That’s the 2 percenter mindset!

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Inspiration, Positivity and Brilliance at Dean CE School